Cold Liquid Applied Roofs

IKO is a global provider of waterproofing solutions and MABS are the only installer of their liquid applied products on the island. The liquid applied roof system known as the EC/UV IKO Polimer system, gives you a comprehensive roof covering. The IKO Polimer System differs from a standard GRP Fibreglass roof as it allows more flexibility of the materials beneath for expansion and contraction.

The system comes with a 15 or 20 year guarantee depending on the clients requirements and can be used to overlay an existing flat roof material or for new installations. It can be installed for both warm and cold roof scenarios including the use of cut to falls insulation. It is also British Board of Agreement (BBA) Certified.

A high build polyurethane embedment coat (EC) incorporating moisture triggered curing system that forms the base of the IKO Polimar EC/UV system. With excellent fluid properties for ease of application, this provides a cost effective, high build, high solids coat that offers superb adhesion. IKO Polimar EC can be applied to a wide range of substrates and facilitates excellent detailing in complex areas.

Available in both 15 and 20 year designed solutions, IKO Polimar UV is an elastomeric, high build single component polyurethane UV stable topcoat which comprises a blend of moisture triggered polyurethane resins. Once applied, the cured membrane forms a seamless durable waterproof barrier which provides excellent thermal and UV stability for all climatic conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Premium performance
  • Excellent durability and puncture resistance
  • Highly flexible in its design application
  • For new construction or refurbishment projects
  • Suits all roof types
  • Applicable for full overlay installations
  • Can be applied to existing substrates
  • Simplifies complex detailing
  • 15 and 20 year designed solutions